Monday, July 14, 2008

It's Summer!!

I love to feel that warm sunshine in the summer, especially if the breeze is blowing softly. The rustle of the large oaks and the smell of fresh cut hay fills us with that great excitement that surely something great is happening today!
Today it did get a little warm, so to help the hot part of the day go by we drove to a local second hand store to browse and enjoy the coolness of the half price sales. We really didn't need anything of course, but ended up finding some great bargains anyway. I just loved a pair of shoes my friend had on the other day, but I refuse to pay the $50 to get my own, so I was beyond happy to find a pair in a different color today for $2! My youngest daughter is right at that stage where she dribbles all food and drink somehow missing the bibs and has effectively stained most of her "town" clothes. Town clothes= clothes that are not as dirty as play clothes and not as starchy as church clothes. I found some really cute skort and shirt sets for $2. One is a sailor-ish outfit, adorable! I have always had a weakness for navy and white outfits. A couple of years ago I had ordered a "sailor" dress for me that happened to match a dress my older daughter had. So, the week before Easter I ran to town for material and ribbons and made the other two daughters matching dresses. With the "boys" dressed in navy and us "girls" dolled up in our matching dresses, we had a great Easter morning snapshot in the front yard! I'll have to find that picture, I really ought to have it enlarged and placed on the wall with our other family pictures. Trying to keep track and organize my pictures is a different story altogether! Seems the time to sit and bombard the living room with pictures just doesn't happen! Oh well!
Well, now that we are home from roaming, I really ought to start canning some of the green beans and cleaning the fresh corn. That's another favorite thing of summer! Fresh vegetables, Mmmmmmm! The kids and I have been sitting around snapping beans and shucking corn telling each other stories and riddles. Soon my husband will be home and maybe he can find room in the freezers for 14 dozen ears of corn! I'm trying to put up as much food this summer as I can and hopefully save a little in groceries in the long run! So tell me, are you gardening this year? What is your favorite canning or freezer recipes? And... what in the world can I do with all these cucumbers! I'm going to have pickles coming out our ears!! Thanks!! and have a good day!


Mama P said...

You have a blog???!!! HOORAY! Am I the first commenter? Am I? Am I really that much of a narcissist? Yes I am! A cheap one at that. 2.00 shoes? Were they new? What the heck???

Love your family picture. Um... you have SEVEN kids. Did you know that? I mean, I knew it, but not until the photo when I counted did I realize Holy Batman she has SEVEN. Just letting you know.

9ndhouse- Katie S. said...

Yup! Your the lucky #1! Thanks for commenting! $2.00 shoes! The cutest pair of brown sketchers and they were new! Just waiting for me, my size and all! I went back this week to find... the SACK SALE!! All you could fit into a paper bag for $3! I walked out with four very full sacks of summer clothes for the kids that will fit the rest of this summer and next. Some great tops and shirts for me and my husband too. I'm a little happy!

Glad you like the picture, we were sitting about half way up Georgia Stone Mountain near Atlanta. Just a minute let me, yep! Still have 7 kids! Thanks for letting me know, hehe! ;-)

Evenspor said...

We are just starting the gardening and canning. Last year my sister-in-law taught me how to make beet jelly, which we love. I planted lots of beets, and we look forward to making more jelly next month. It is so nice to have homemade jelly and jam on hand. I also love homemade salsa, so that is the next thing I want to learn to can. I'll probably have enough tomatoes this year for one jar, but it's a start!