Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pizza pockets?

Poor Baby J! As you can tell he's having a rough time. He has the chicken pox!!! He wasn't in the best of moods last night when I kept him home from church and had this photo shoot instead. I think he was rolling his eyes trying to tell me how embarrassed he was, after all this is black mail pictures for later. About 20 yrs from now later, 'bout the time he brings home his hopefully soon to be wife. Of course one of his sister's is going to bring out some lovely photos of cutie pie here. :-) All with the added injustice of having to wear his sister's PINK pull-up 'cause we were out of BLUE diapers, somehow he knew it wasn't his. He kept pulling at it all evening until Dad came to the rescue with some new diapers!
Your probably wondering why the title was pizza pockets? Well, today is Homeschool PE day at the YMCA. SOO, I loaded all the kiddos and headed for town. Usually after PE we enjoy other activities at the Y then head to the locker room and get ready for church. BUT, today since Baby J couldn't go spreading his lovely catch I dropped the 4 older kids off and headed over to Dad's work. He was trading vehicles with me, keeping the van and staying in town with the older 6 and going to church while I drove back home with Baby J. Well, once we arrived to Dad's work, Wild Man decided he HAD to go to the bathroom. After he finished his business we were ready to leave when he launched into a detailed story about how Baby J was sick, red all over and had Pizza pockets. He had the man in the hall laughing but rather confused so I clarified, "Wild man, Baby J doesn't have pizza pockets, he has chicken pox!" The man in the hall had another good laugh, Wild Man laughed too although I'm not sure he got the joke. :-)
Photo: Baby J and his "pizza pockets" ! (I can't really tell it's pink can you? hehe)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tag I'm it!

I guess I've been tagged. This was a fun thing to do and I was really curious as to which picture it would be. Well, here you have it!! It was one of many try and try again family pictures we took for our Christmas cards last December. My friend May, poor May, she tried and tried to get all the kids to smile and look at the camera at the same time. My husband was getting the manly version of the giggles, while Baby J screamed his head off, Lil' Sis wouldn't keep her thumb out of her mouth, Wild man was intent on watching other children in the room play and who knows what Miss Priss is doing! I'm really surprised you can't see the steam coming out of my ears!! Doesn't my fake it smile look nice!!? Really, though it wasn't too bad, it only took 30 min and 12
Here is the final "take it or leave we're going home" photo, still didn't get Wild Man to look at the camera but Hey!! 6 out of 7's not bad!!! and by the way thanks again, May!!!
SO, now I have to tag four other people to post the fourth picture from their forth picture file!!
1.Spors in the Desert
2. Kathy's Tea Time
3. Just Another Soldier's Wife
4. Snooky Great
Have Fun!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Where to now, Lord?

My husband learned recently that the company who owns the plant he supervises is closing. They can't run the plant at a loss any more, who could!! When your only making 7 cents per pound on product that takes $'s to process, it makes sense to get out while you can.

The company has been great to all the people, giving them a 2 month notice, paid time off, severance packages and will cash in any vacation time left. I pray that all the people get other jobs easily and that things go well for them, with Christmas coming up it is a scary time to loose a job.

My husband has been offered a possible job in another state, so far we don't know any of the details or if it will be available for sure. He has been asked to stay until the plant is completely closed then oversee the removal of all the equipment, so we have some time to look over the options. I was thinking how nice it would be if God would just write us a quick note, telling us where to go and what He wants us to do. :-) I do know though, that He does have a plan for us and whatever that plan is He will reveal it to us in His time. Faith, Trust and Obey. I don't have to worry or go nuts, just wait. The Sunday school song " Read your Bible pray everyday, pray everyday, pray everyday. Read your Bible pray everyday and you'll "Know, know, know" " keeps going through my head. :-) I changed grow to know, if ya didn't catch it.

So if anyone can spare a few minutes to say a prayer for us we would greatly appreciate it, who knows we might soon be you new neighbors!!! Thanks!! :-D
Photo- My wonderful husband and I, taken recently on a field trip with the kids.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Happily Ever After

The Silver Gray Mare
by: my fabulous 10 yr old daughter

Once upon a time there was a herd of wild horses and in that herd was a silver gray mare. She was a beauty! Well, one day the Stallion noticed that one of his mares was missing. It was the silver gray mare. So he stopped his herd and made them stay there. Then he galloped back to where they had rested for the night. Then he smelled for the mare, suddenly he saw the mare coming in the distance. There was something with her. The Stallion realized it was a colt. The colt was black like the Stallion but had silver gray coloring around it's ankles. They lived happily ever after.

My daughter handed this to me awhile ago after she had written it. I was sitting here trying to think of something interesting that happened this week to write about. Lots of things are happening around here all the time, but I'm not always sure it would make a good post.
As I read this story I began to picture myself walking up the hill behind the Stallion....

I could smell the walnut trees heavy with nuts, fresh dirt, and the sweat of the horse. The surrounding hills were painted with all the colors of fall, bright and shiny with morning dew. The leaves rustled softly, the sound rising and falling with the wind that loosened them from their branches and sent them floating down to gather on the timber floor. I stepped quietly behind the trees and watched as the Stallion raced across the valley and through the winding creek his hooves splashing up a rainbow of color that sparkled and danced in the air. He stopped short on the other side and shivered with emotion, lifted up his head and snorted in the air. He stomped and tossed his long wild mane. He stilled and looked across the land and seemed to in a moment become a proud statue. I looked in the direction he faced and there was the prize he was searching for. The Silver Gray Mare gracefully traced the timber line and neighed a soft greeting, beside her was a shiny jet black colt frolicking in the sun shine. The reunion was sweet, the colt full of mischief kicked up and ran circles in the warm sun shine, playing and snickering to his proud parents. They turned and made their way quickly through the valley, their manes and tails glistening in the breeze and they all together disappeared in the shadow of the hills and... lived happily ever after.

So, if you'll excuse me I think I'll go take today's school lessons outside to the timber that's calling my name and see what we find. Have a great day!! :-)
Photo- One of our miniature colts, the kids all love horses.