Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Do you feel a draft?

I've been spending way too much time on the computer lately! :-) Finding new blogs about other people and topics that interest me has been a new passion. Researching, reading, exploring, AND... writing. Here on this blog as well as my comments on other blogs. Suddenly I feel exposed!!
It is a totally new feeling I am experiencing. For the last almost 13 years that I have been married my life has had what I thought was a wide circle of people influence. But did you know that with the click of a few buttons I can discuss say....anything!, with someone in another state! Another country even!! Shocking isn't it! I knew you'd be surprised.

Blog rush, is what I call it. It always seems to come in a rush but for me the emotion attached to it isn't always the same. For instance, after commenting on a blog of someone telling a tragic story I feel the overwhelming urge to cry, to reach to that person and let them know I really do care, I really did pray. Sometimes that heavy burden for them can last way longer that just that moment. Of course when I read a funny tale of a mom who has scrambled through out the day to stay on top of things just to end up under the laundry, I can't help but giggle and smile my smiliest while firing off what I hope is a quirky statement that with luck will reflect my face. And who wouldn't see a little fire during the times of mommy bashing during hot debates, spiteful creatures we are when the world doesn't see it our way. Rrruuush!

Ups and downs, that seems to be life. Mountains and valleys. Hills and hollows. I would assume it to be human nature to second guess yourself to a certain degree, while a bold certainty is screaming from the back somewhere "You Go Girl!, Ya Know It!!" Then there it is again...with the push of a return key. My words... locked in stone thrown out into the great abyss of Internet to be read by anyone who chances by. Did I come across too strong? Did that sound stupid? Feel my laughter? See my smile? Will they understand? Can they see my heart?...I feel a draft :-)

I'm just rattling, what do you think? Ya feel it too?
Picture: Baby J in his big sister's doll bed, definitely feeling a draft!!


Brandi said...

That is the sweetest picture of your baby! I know what you mean though about 'feeling a draft.' All of a sudden I'm giving opinions and support to people I've never met but feel a kinship to. I started a blog to just talk about...stuff. Nothing real important just some meanderings of my mind. And it feels good! What a great post!

9ndhouse- Katie S. said...

It does feel good to rattle a little doesn't it!? My mind meanders all over the place at times. Thanks! I'll head over and read your blog and ...stuff :-)

tif said...

thanks so much for stopping by and reassuring me on momformation and my blog! it means a lot to not get my e-ass kicked about possible medication for my kid. you rock, and your kids are SO cute.

Betsy said...

So true, all that you say about the internet. Watch out. As you probably already know, that rush is addictive. I would imagine all your kids serve as insurance that you would never get too sucked in by your computer. Life must interfere with cybertime big time in your house.

Brad and Lisa said...

I love that baby picture, so adorable! And I'm so glad you stopped by our blog and commented because it's nice to know others who read your blog, and thanks for praying for us!!! And I love reading about your sweet family! Thanks for sharing!!