Monday, September 8, 2008

Kick'n up dirt!!

Who wants to ride a broom when they have a 5.5 horse power motor to jet them around the room!! I'm referring to my new vacuum cleaner!! I am soooo excited, and the kids are too. I worked hard (had a garage sale), saved my money (from Sat. to Sun.) and bought it all by myself (Michael had to carry it out for me after he paid the balance :-) )!! Life is good. Now is about the time where you begin to wonder what in the world is the matter with me.

Well, I'm sure if you think back to a time when you replaced that "thing"! You know the one, that thing that you had to use because it was all you had. The one you or your husband had to duct tape, glue and wire back together so many times materials alone holding it together added up to $100! Maybe it was your fridge, or the washing machine? Stove?, VACUUM!! Now your getting the picture. Old Red the upright was still making a lot of noise and pretense but wasn't inhaling anything if ya know what I mean, so I was down to the Rainbow (R2D2's cousin). The one my mother in law gave me, it is a great vacuum but has seen better days. The holding pan for the water (yes, water) had been replaced with the bottom of an old green bucket. The latches are held together with duct tape, cuts and bruises all down the cord wrapped in black bandages while tools fell off the worn out tool belt as you pulled it across the floor leaving scratches where the fourth wheel was supposed to be. It still inhales with great force but since the floor attachment ran away from home a couple years ago, trying to sweep up a house the size of mine with a cracked 1-1/2 inch tube just wasn't cutting it! Not to mention that the hose was 2' too short to reach the ceiling or fans so me AND Rainbow had to climb the step ladder. Not good.

So, now that you remember that "thing" you also remember the excitement and fireworks that went on the day you got to replace it! Ok, maybe not fireworks but close to it, right? Well, I had decided I needed to get a new vacuum. Something with power! Something BIG!! Granddad!! Granddad is my new, blue 3' tall shop vac, industrial model! He glides through the house on his mega wheels, dragging an extra long and thick cord, proudly displaying a convenient tool caddy and swinging a grand 2-1/2" nose, I mean hose, long enough to evict any spider lurking over my head. The 12 inch floor attachment threatens to pull up tile if ya don't move along quickly, and he doesn't *require* any water but will drink up if need be. I think we're going to get along great!!

Now having shared my happy moment with you, I'm going to go take advantage of the excitement the kids are showing for Granddad. Tap into some of that energy and get some cleaning done. Can you say, Home Ec class? :-)
Photo: My four oldest kids with Granddad!


Supervised Mama said...

I just replaced my DD hand me down carseat with a beautiful pink Eddie Bauer!! It was a great day, I'm pretty sure there was fireworks. I scrimped and saved and had people pity me enough to "donate" money to the cause. $125 later I got my, I mean DD's carseat.

It was one of those things that DH was going to get around to buying when we had enough money....ya like that ever happens. So finally I just deceided to find a way to do it myself, it's very satisfying!

Enjoy the new vacuum, and the home ec class--great idea!

Brandi said...

Mine was my refrigerater! My previous one was older than I was and the seals in the doors were giving out so it wouldn't stay shut. We had to use a bungee cord to help keep it from staying open all day and letting my food go bad while we are at work! It made me feel so redneck! I already live in the south...I don't have to act like it ;) I'm sure your vacuum really sucks! haha

9ndhouse- Katie S. said...

Supervised mama, Ooooooh I think I've seen that one! My husband thinks I'm crazy when I drool down the car seat isle!! Congrats on your, I mean her, new car seat!!:-)

Brandi, a new fridge!! Way cool!! hehe That's great, I can just picture the bungee cord and all, something my husband would think up for me! My city cuz'ns from Tulsa thinks we're rednecks for sure!

Thanks for your comments ya'll, and enjoy your new stuff!

Theresa said...

Oooh! That is one awesome vac! I want one!

Erin said...

Enjoy! I hope it totally sucks ;-)

I just linked over to you from Kristina Sauerwein's. Seven kids! You are amazing. I'll definitely be coming back to read more.