Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Our School!!

We started school this year, the day after Labor Day. So far everything is going great and we are having fun. At least that's what the kids say!! They have already in just a few weeks read several books on their reading lists, written some great stories, flew through the addition flashcards and been on several wonderful field trips!

This is nap time for the pre-schoolers :-)

Us 'N friends at local conservation & audubon center

The kids found a GPS cache during the hike while hunting mushrooms and making leaf rubs.

Playing by the trail in Shoal Creek, watching the fog roll in.

Museum, it took over an hour to read and do all the activities, including observing the snakes, fish aquarium, and spiders. We had a special interest in the snakes, we were trying to identify a certain visitor to our front door last week.

The Harry S. Truman birthplace is a great field trip, the kids loved exploring this home without modern conveniences still sitting quietly in the middle of a modern town.

The kids are excited to be starting their own field guide soon, putting together their snap shots of flowers, trees and things they have found with notes written about each one. It will probably be an on-going project that may last several years. Possibly several volumes!!


Mits said...

They all kids are looking very happy. I liked all pictures.


Evenspor said...

This is one of the things I am loking forward to most with homeschooling - field trips! We love to travel. In fact, that's another reason we decided to homeschool: so that we can travel at anytime of year and call it school instead of having to worry about taking the kids out of school.

9ndhouse- Katie S. said...

Yeah, it's great. I can count on one hand the field trips I got to take in public school growing up. Even those were rushed and didn't amount to much learning. I am just amazed at how many pages my kids can fill up with information gleaned from these field trips. Hands on knowledge they will never forget and probably never would have learned otherwise. So great to have this freedom and I am thankful for it!! :-)

KS said...

Cute pix. Looks like the kids are getting the best education.

I admire your clean dining/kitchen table. Mine is covered with clutter.

... Most important, thanks for keeping Ryan and I in our prayers!


tif said...

ok, obviously we live very close together as that's the audobon center i take my son to, often. we will need to meet up sometime!

9ndhouse- Katie S. said...

KS- Thanks! and that table doesn't always stay so clean, I have to throw fits sometimes to eat there.
:-) Thats what friends are for!

Tif- Hey!, I wondered how close we were you mentioned one time on Momformation something about the DAV Thriftstore and I thought Hmmmm....the only one I know of is...Hmmmm! :-)

Mama P said...