Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tag I'm it!

I guess I've been tagged. This was a fun thing to do and I was really curious as to which picture it would be. Well, here you have it!! It was one of many try and try again family pictures we took for our Christmas cards last December. My friend May, poor May, she tried and tried to get all the kids to smile and look at the camera at the same time. My husband was getting the manly version of the giggles, while Baby J screamed his head off, Lil' Sis wouldn't keep her thumb out of her mouth, Wild man was intent on watching other children in the room play and who knows what Miss Priss is doing! I'm really surprised you can't see the steam coming out of my ears!! Doesn't my fake it smile look nice!!? Really, though it wasn't too bad, it only took 30 min and 12
Here is the final "take it or leave we're going home" photo, still didn't get Wild Man to look at the camera but Hey!! 6 out of 7's not bad!!! and by the way thanks again, May!!!
SO, now I have to tag four other people to post the fourth picture from their forth picture file!!
1.Spors in the Desert
2. Kathy's Tea Time
3. Just Another Soldier's Wife
4. Snooky Great
Have Fun!!!

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Gina said...

Great pictures. Wow, what a beautiful family. You are blessed.