Thursday, November 4, 2010

Back from Crazy. Maybe.

Hello!!! Thanks so much to several people who have kept in touch while we have been without computer access. The occasional notes and comments were great. I missed being online and blogging and hope that I can get back into without neglecting my family too much! LOL!
It would take a really really big post to tell about all the blessing that have happened since my last post. We did relocate to the Wichita area for almost 2 years, but the Lord has brought us back home to our farm in Missouri and we are soooo glad to be home!
We had a lot of fun in Kansas, the Lord greatly blessed us there. We found a wonderful church family and really enjoyed getting to know several families there. We are going to miss them a bunch! Hopefully they will come and see us sometime, I know we are planning on visiting there again.
So, I'm basically going to just pick up where we left off! Posting some pictures here and there of our time in Kansas. We stayed at the lake near Wichita, in our 40' fifth wheel trailer. Michael worked for Cargill and I was camphost of our campground. We took care of the horse campground and had a lot of fun. The trail and arena was very close making it so easy to ride almost daily. With the water so close the swimming was great too! We couldn't have asked for a better place to stay, the Lord truly took care of us. The lake was beautiful, even in the winter with several inches of snow!! Sledding will never be the same!, sliding down the side of a lake dam in a pick-up bed liner is the way to go!!!
We have been back home a couple of weeks now and I'm just now coming up for air. We sort of hit the ground running!! So many things are the same, so many things have changed. Like going through a time warp! We have been very busy working on the house, septic, wood stove, getting Michael's business in order and not to mention the hours of unpacking the HUGE amount of boxes that have been in storage!! Some of the boxes are being opened and I'm just looking in and thinking, "Did I really pack this junk!?" haha! And, of course there are several boxes of clothes that will no longer fit the kids, or me! ha!, so the laundry pile is getting shorter the more I pile into the "give away" bags.
All in all, very soon I hope to have the whole house in order. That way I'll be ready for all the company I hope to have from our wonderful Kansas friends...hint hint!! and the wonderful friends and family here in MO! Maybe if I'm lucky, I'll be done in time to go see our wonderful family in OK for Thanksgiving and come home to a wonderful clean house!! Don't you just love that word, wonderful! WONDERFUL!!
Well, enough playing around. Better get back outside and quit hiding from my wonderful husband who is digging wonderful holes all over the yard trying to find and fix our wonderful septic! Have a Wonderful day!! :-D


DixieWags said...

Love the pictures. The kids have gotten so big. I didn't know you had a blog until just a little while ago, I found it one day.

Thanks for writing today.

9ndhouse- Katie said...

Thanks,I'm a little rusty. I can't wait to read your blog!

Christine said...

Hi Katie,

I was wondering what happened to you, friend. I am Pam, who used to write the Counting of Blessings blog. Now I write as Christine at another blog (for the benefit of my family's privacy). I kept checking your blog using the link on Arwen Spor's blog, but I gave up awhile ago. Then, I saw your address show up on my other blog recently, so I decided to see if you were back.

Sounds like you had a wonderful time! What a blessing! I'll look forward to your updates.