Thursday, August 7, 2008

Call me "Biker Mom"!!

I get a lot of things in my hair, as you can imagine with 7 kids in the house, most of which are not wanted. This time though it was the wind in my hair! An awesome feeling and I loved it! Last year Michael bought an older Honda 500 motorcycle to go back and forth to work. He usually spent $75 in gas a week driving his truck and the bike only costs $12! So with a kiss and a prayer I send him off most mornings, especially in good weather. Now, I liked all my body parts right where they were and in working order (most of the time) and had no desire, especially since I was expecting baby Jack, to rearrange myself by falling off a motorcycle! See, I'm a little vertically challenged at 5'3" and Michael and the kids just didn't seem to understand that fear of trying to come to a stop and falling over 'cause ya couldn't reach the ground. I did attempt to catch a ride behind Michael it seemed we (I) was a little over the weight limit. We wobbled down the long gravel driveway, the back fender rubbing the tire blowing smoke while I held on tight and yelled "Slow Down!!"! We turned around at the mailbox. :-) This summer though I haven't been able to stand the peer pressure of the family, "Come on Mom!, Jack is almost a year old and your not that big!" Thanks. So, finally I put on the incredibly ugly helmet I had picked up at the second hand store for the kids and climbed on the monstercycle behind my wonderful husband for my first ride around the block. :-) "Around the block?!" you say? Well around here in the middle of nowhere a block can be about 5 miles. It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon, the sun was bright and felt warm on my arms as we rode. With the wind in my hair, the bugs in my teeth and the smell of turkey litter and fresh mown hay in my nose, I enjoyed our ride while commenting on the scenery and waving at the neighbors. It was GREAT!! That was start of our mini Sunday afternoon dates. Just the two of us! We have recently rode into town (about 30 miles) and enjoyed a Coke while returning some overdue movies, and the other day we went to the vet (18 miles) to pick up some flea stuff for Rowdy then enjoyed a Coke before the ride home. Yeah!, I love Coke! I love this way of enjoying time with Michael, it brings a rush of excitement I have a hard time describing. Maybe it's all the flirting going on, it's definitely a hands on sport! :-) I'm becoming addicted and now spend time searching the bargain places for a good deal on a cool "Momma" helmet, drooling over newer bigger bikes and contemplating that black leather that hasn't ever so far been my style. But who knows, things change!

So, ever been on a bike ride? and how'd ya like it?

Picture: Meet Rowdy, our lovable rottweiler.


Mama P said...

Never been on a bike, but it sounds so sexy. I'm terrified, though. Add it to the list of things to do anyway before I die.

Mama P said...

How do I email you? I'm at

Brandi said...

That sounds so lovely! I wish me and my hubby could find something like that to do together...Andrea is right, it does sound sexy,rawr! haha

Gina said...

How fun! I admire you -- seven kids. That is truly amazing!