Sunday, August 3, 2008

Heat Wave!!

"I'm melting! I'm melting!" words from one of my favorite childhood movies about summed it up for us today. How about you? I was just roaming through cyber space when the thunder crashed through my speakers. I jump every time! The weather channel has a up date for us..... It's HOT!! I guess I shouldn't be complaining because as I checked through the US I see there are hotter spots than ours! But after a day of mowing the yard, picking the veggies from the garden, working on the truck hitch and sweating up a storm, we.......went to the creek! Oh!, how the kids love the creek. You can imagine what a sight we are, driving down the gravel road with a load of kids in the back and one large rottweiler with his tongue a mile long, all enjoying the wind and dust in their teeth. As soon as the truck stops, SWOOSH! goes the dog, Rowdy followed by the older 5 kiddos ready to feel the cool water wash away the sweat and grime. Wait, did I write cool? I meant COLD! How could I not have the camera ready!! As the 6 bodies came up gasping, the shock on their faces was just hilarious! It seems the summer heat causes a mild form of amnesia. They had all quickly in their excitement forgotten the creek started underground, underground translates: COLD! Dad and I followed at a slower pace and soon we were all wet and having a great time catching crawdads and tadpoles. Baby Jack sitting in his place on a smooth part of the low water crossing (some would call it a bridge?) with about 2 inches of water moving across his toes, he especially enjoyed letting his pacifier go and watch it float away. Quickly one of his sisters or brothers would make a show of rescuing it and hand it back to be repeated. Laughter rang out and echoed through the trees as cattle munched nearby watching and dragonflies swooped quietly around our heads. It was splish and splash until all was worn out and hungry. We pulled our now "blue" selves out of the water, released the captured creatures escaping from their cups and crawled back into the truck. What fun! Only one thing could make it even better! PIZZA! So on down the dusty road we went, to the pizza get'n place for a pizza party on the tail gate, slurp'n soda and wav'n to the farmers. Life slowed down for us today, and it was goood!

Been to the creek lately? How do you keep cool this summer?

*picture of the kiddos at another creek last summer


Betsy said...

We just took a trip to our local swimming hole yesterday. It was freezing! Everyone was screeching, but once you get out, you get called back in again by the delicious water. This is one of our favorite things to do in the summer time. Thanks for sharing such a lovely family portrait.

Mama P said...

I agree with Betsy - it's a super portrait. I also like in your blogs how you show the positive slices of life - it's not one big complaint. I'm taking a short break from my own personal site, and this is one thing I aim on doing when I get back - show the happy side of life. I do most of the time anyway, but I'm more committed now.

Staying cool? We use Grandma's pool, the neighbor's pool, the local park pool and sometimes the beach. Hey, we're in California. We'd be kicked out if we didn't go at least three times during the summer.

9ndhouse- Katie S. said...

Thanks gals, I appreciate your comments. Seems we are all called by some sort of that "delicious water"! Great way to put it, Betsy.
We pool share too, but the creek just calls our names! Don't get kicked out! mama p, you deserve to go to the beach! Looking forward to your new site in sept!
Keep cool, ladies!! ;-)

Lindsay said...

Katie- it's so great to see a pic of you and your family! I love the "slice of life" from SW're not too far away from me!

Evenspor said...

Hey Katie, I've nominated you for the Brilliante Weblog Award. For more information, go to my homeschool blog:

Ashley said...

Hooray! Hooray! I'm so glad you have a glob...I mean blog. I'm so excited I can't type straight! The photo of your kids is absolutely adorable - no wonder you have so many.

9ndhouse- Katie S. said...

Lindsey, It's funny everyone does a double take at our photos and starts counting! Thanks, neighbor!

How Sweet, thanks for the encouragment Evenspor!

Thanks Ashley, I love the pics on your blog, very cute kids.