Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Day 1: Our Crazy Life!

Hi ya'll, I bet you have been as busy as we have through the beginning of the holidays!! We had a great Thanksgiving in Oklahoma visiting my family. I can't believe it's over and Christmas is sooo close!!! It seems like yesterday it was July something and then someone pushed a button and fall was over and winter on it's way!! My kids are pretty excited though, they are hoping (sorry !) to have a real good snowman making snow this year! Haven't had one in the last few years, they thought the ice storms from the last couple winters was neat to look at and explore but it was hard on the people with out power for sure. So they are praying for more snow and less ice! Oh boy!

Well, I'm starting our day one by telling about our Monday (11-8-08). I figure the only way to get the time is to post about it the next day!! Our Mondays are kinda slow, slow to rise and slow to get moving. We just have so much going on weekends that we usually crash come Monday morning. But this morning we got rolling in time for breakfast! :-) then started the laundry which is usually an all day thing. We do two loads most everyday but Monday is catch up from the weekend and a day to get everything in order for the week. Big Sis, is in charge of the laundry room and she does a great job keeping everything sorted and moving along. She is a big help in putting away the clean clothes. Our community closet works out great, town and church clothes are hung up and play clothes and underclothes are stored in basket drawers on shelves under the hanging clothes. Now if only I can get a little time to weed out some of the clothes they aren't wearing and make a little extra room!! The rest of the kids are doing the main cleaning with me, we go through the house room by room with our dusters, brooms and mops and try to get everything "deep" cleaned, we take turns going in to help Big Sis and actually have lots of fun and giggles as we move through the house. My poor broom handles are all dented and bent from all the sword fights and such!

We usually take time for our schooling in the afternoons on Mondays. Today I set up two "learning stations". We have gotten some great ideas for learning stations from the Lapaz family over at lapazfarm.homeschooljournal.net . One station I set up with a poster, some books, plastic models and a small tub of play dough for the kids to explore about frogs. They are getting a real kick out of the frog guts in the models!! If I had more guts, I would order some dissecting frogs for them to really get a hands on experience!! Maybe one day!, when Dad's home!! Our other station was about the human body, the frog models brought on questions about our "guts" so I grabbed up a few things to learn about and think over. Nothing like a good hands on project to bring on the most interesting of questions!! :-)
We are also listening to a book on tape about Pearl Harbor called Dec. 7 1941, it is very interesting. We are hoping one day to be able to take all the kiddos to Hawaii to see the Memorials.

Since it is the Christmas Season we are all preparing our gifts and running around giggling with secrets. We decided that Baby J needs some wooden farm animals to play with and began making our stencils and drawing them onto a board. The look rather preschoolish but I think they will get the job done. We took the boards over to our friends the Bogg's family where they watched as the saw began cutting out the sheep, pigs, chickens and tractors. Soon we will add cows, horses, goats, and colts. Maybe a turtle and a raccoon for fun! Hopefully Dad will help us with our small loafing shed and then the painting will begin!!!

Tonight we also have plans to go with the Bogg's to a live Nativity play in the nearby "big city"! It was really good, the kids had a blast pointing out all the happening of the play and eating candy. We were lucky tonight we were having a south wind that warmed up the weather a little and let the kids sit outside the van and enjoy. They laughed at the donkey who didn't seem to want to go anywhere very fast but preferred to sit instead. The soldiers looked very strong sitting on their tall horses, a few soldiers were walking around with some of the largest dogs I've ever seen. Great Dane maybe!? One little Angel running around with red boots had to be carried back up the hill after they sang to the shepherds, it was very cute. Afterwards we loaded up and drove over to the Bass Pro Shop, they are remodeling some of the building bringing in new decorations and wildlife. We all enjoyed watching the turtles in the turtle pond and taking pictures by the indoor waterfall. Their Christmas decorations are very pretty and I was able to get a few snapshots of my girls and one of the Bogg's youngest boys before the camera batteries died.
On the way home a quick stop at the Krispie Kreme for a sugar high got the van of kids and adults rolling for the trip home. Once we made it back to the house we were a bubbly crew but ready for lights out, only slightly late for bedtime! :-)

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