Monday, December 15, 2008

Days 6 & 7: Our Crazy Life!!!!

I thought since I was a day behind, and our weekend was pretty simple I would just throw them together. Ever had one of those weekends that all you can really say you did was eat and sleep! I hate to admit it but I slept in Saturday morning, waaaaaayyy in! Michael took the boys outside to do what ever it is that men and boys do, while the girls and I tried to straighten the house out and get everything ready to go to town. The kids were all excited, their church choir parties are this afternoon and they were ready for fun! I was ready for some fun too, since the 5 older kids are occupied with their parties for about 2 hrs I had talked Michael into taking me to Arby's for a small snack and party for two. Well, that would actually be four if you count Baby J and Miss Priss, but when you only have two out of seven it really doesn't feel like you have any at all!! LOL! We dropped the kids off at the church and as my usual luck goes, we were delayed a little thanks to the wind! The wind storm was blowing some of the roof tin on the front of the church up, so Michael called a friend and they soon had it secured back down. I asked Michael if our medical ins. covered an ambulance ride, he said a part of it, was I planning on having a wreck.?. I told him of course not but I wanted to know what to do if he blew off the roof! It might be cheaper just to duct tape him to a board, wrap a towel around his neck and haul him to the hospital myself! He's always touched by my concern for his safety, so he gave me a good kiss before he went up on the roof! ;-) Soon we were at Arby's chowing down on curly fries, potato cakes and sandwiches. Our snack turned into a meal, basically we pigged out!!

The adult choir had a practice after the children's party and that took up a little over an hour of time, we have more people in the choir this year and it sounds really neat with every one's voices ringing through the sanctuary! Our choir special will be tomorrow night and we are ready as we can be.

We made a few stops on the way home and called Michael's sister too see if her and her family wanted to meet us at home for some games and nachos. They weren't able to come tonight, so the kids thought this would give us a good time to watch the family movie I had picked up from the library. I baked up some hamburger and scalloped potato casserole and threw a salad together for dinner instead of nachos and we sat down to watch the second Ice Age movie. At first I thought it was making fun of the flood of the Bible, but it wasn't and it turned out to be a pretty good show. Not one I would let the kids watch anytime they wanted over and over, but it made a nice family night movie. Some friend recently told us about something they called a TV Guardian. Ever heard of it? I guess it hooks up to your vcr/dvd player(s) and takes out or replaces the not so nice words that movie makers seem intent on throwing into the movies. We are thinking about finding one, we love to sit down to a good movie and a TV Guardian might broaden our choices! :-)
We had the kids set out their clothes for church in the morning and sent everyone to bed. Even Michael and I headed to bed early!!

Sunday morning was bright and WARM!! This crazy Missouri weather is driving my allergies nuts! Our K-5 Sunday School class went well, we are going through the Christmas story. It is soo fun to see the kids get all excited about the story and look over the nativity. Of course we don't know when Christ was actually born but it doesn't hurt to stop and remember to say a thank you to Him for all He's done it our lives. Today was a "potato Sunday" as we have started calling them. A mission in town sometimes gets a semi load of potatoes and they distribute them through their center and often they will bring a pallet over to the church. We then send every family home with a ten # bag of potatoes as they leave. Can't leave without one, of course!!! Everyone had such fun teasing about the potatoes, it was mentioned that they couldn't be unloaded till after church so we couldn't use them to throw during the service! :-) Although the man that lead the evening service did give everyone a hard time for not taking them ALL home that morning instead of leaving some "ammo" in the entry way!!

Sunday afternoon was more of the eat and sleep routine I mentioned earlier! We made it up and back to church in time for the choir practice and the evening service. We enjoyed singing in the program and it all went very well, the music was very pretty. It must have worked up another appetite with me and Michael because we invited the "Friend" family out to Wendy's to help us spend some more of those free Frosty coupons! They had some coupons too, and we all pigged out again on ice cream with, of course, ;-) a burger thrown in to round out the meal! I do owe a new craving to Mrs. Friend, see I had eaten my burger and fries before I started in on my ice cream (I'll pick up on that diet tomorrow!), but was interested when "she" requested her husband get her some more fries for her Frosty! I thought no way that can be good!! BUT, Mr. Friend is a sweet guy who ordered a large for her to share with me and I hate to admit that I ate my fair share of her guessed it! By dipping them into my chocolate Frosty!! The combination of warm salty french fry dipped into the cold sweet ice cream was absolutely delicious!! So, I will always pay attention when she makes food combination suggestions in the future!! I do not know what I'm going to do though when this gets to be a habit and I gain 40 #'s!!!!! Well, as we sat and pampered our sweet tooth's, the weather outside was stirring up some more action. We watched as the rain came in again bringing ice and sleet with it. We tried to ignore the slippery white accumulating outside but soon we had to face the fact that we must brave the cold. What happened to today's 50* weather !!!!! I guess Monday's ice storm couldn't wait till we were tucked into bed :-). The trip home was slow but we made it just in time to stoke up the fire and hit the hay!! Completing the eat and sleep cycle once again!!!

That brings me to the end of the week in our crazy life!! Hope you weren't too bored out of your minds, we are just regular people doing regular things. I really hope I find my camera soon!, I haven't taken our family Christmas picture yet!!! Hope ya'll have Merry Christmas, a good Monday and an even better week!!!! Thanks for reading !!! :-)
Photos of the kiddo taken on Thanksgiving and a few pictures of last December's ice storm. The picture doesn't really catch all the beautiful glistening of the sun shining on the ice!


Evenspor said...

My in-laws bought a DVD player once with a built-in TV Guardian. It silenced the movie everytime one of the words it was programmed with came up and usually for a few seconds before and after the word. As I recall, it worked most of the time, but not all of the time. The movie it worked best on, unfortunately, was a church movie. About half of the sound in the movie was blanked out, due to the number of times the word, "God," was used. Oops?

9ndhouse- Katie said...

OH!! That wouldn't be exactly helpful would it!! :-) I wonder if it could be turned off somehow for those movies? And theirs was built in? Hmmmm. Someone told us last night they though you could get one to hook up to the DVD player at Radio Shack. I wonder if a friend of ours that runs a computer store would have them. Sounds like you might have to choose when to use it!! :-) Thanks for the info!

Sprite's Keeper said...

Hi there, Katie! Sounds like a whirlwind of a week (especially with the roof blowing up!). Your children are absolutely adorable! Arwen talked you up on her site today and made you her Secret Santa for the Spin Cycle so you're linked there too. I hope you like it!

Gina said...

Sounds fun. I'm glad you got a semi-date in with your hubs. And I certainly hope you find your camera soon! I'd be so lost without mine! Happy New Year!

Amy said...

I get a date night with my hubby tonight!

Glad to find your blog! Your family is amazing!