Friday, January 2, 2009

A Big Nickel

I've heard of these things being called by several different names...Thrifty Nickel, Lucky Dime, Penny Pincher and so on. The classifieds newspaper that I most enjoy around here is the Big Nickel, you know the kind of paper with tons of want and for sale ads listed so you can drive yourself crazy thinking about what you could sell or buy! I just know everyone loves to do this sort of bargain hunting right!! :-) Each week after church on Wednesday we stop at the gas station to pick up a copy, well, sometimes two copies so we don't have to fight! :-) Most of the time we don't even know what we are looking for but surely there is some treasure we don't need listed there to make us dream or drool for the next week or so!

Once the week's paper has been replaced with the latest edition it goes into the "pile" to be used for something else later. I thought all the kids knew all about this paper, what it was and what it was called. I guess I now know that mainly the excitement is shared with the older kids who are better readers and have bigger wants than the Dollar Tree provides! LOL!

Last night was one of those evenings where everyone is in their own world doing their own thing and it is really easy to ignore...I mean... not listen to... I mean... not hear, someone calling for you. We have some mini dachshunds and one of my mama dogs had a litter of 7 puppies a couple weeks ago. Since I'm so soft hearted and couldn't let them sit outside in the cold, I brought them in and made up a box in the corner. Mama dog has done a great job so far keeping them all spit shined but I still change the newspaper lining everyday anyway. SO, this would be the time I'm standing by the dog box cleaning up puppy yuck and call for one of the kids to bring me an old Big Nickel. After a few moments I call out again. Several children walk back and forth on some mission or another but still after a few moments I have not been brought the needed papers. Of course I then do what any good Mom would do... I stand up and holler!!! I called very loudly ;-) and said " I want a Big Nickel and I want it right Now!!" Dust was flying and kids were scattering and within seconds I had more old newspapers and Big Nickels I could use. I thanked the kiddos and went back to work. All was well!

A little while later, Michael comes in and has that "cat that ate the canary" look. I told him to spill it and he told me I must have made Naenae nervous when I had hollered. She too had ran for what I had asked for but was unsure of exactly what it was, so to be sure she stopped to ask Dad. She had a bright shiny new nickel in her hand and showed it to Michael and wanted to know for sure was this what Mom wanted, she didn't think my request made any sense. He laughed of course and told her no, that wasn't what I wanted. She made a face and shook her head. Put her hand on her hip and said, "Well!, How big does she want it!?!"

LOL!! Guess I'm clear as mud at times!!

Hope ya'll had a great Christmas and Happy New Year's Eve!!!


BoufMom9 said...

Just found your blog through Blessed Mom to 7 and wanted to come by and say "hi". I always love meeting other mama's with bigger families :)

LOVE those kinds of papers. I never need the stuff inside, but sure love looking for bargins!

BoufMom9 said...

ps just read on your profile that one of your favorite movies is Facing the Giants!!!! LOVE that movie. I cry EVERY time!
Nothing is Impossible with God is my motto :)

9ndhouse- Katie said...

I know it doesn't seem to matter how many times I watch the movie I bawl like a baby! even when I'm NOT pregnant! :-) Have you seen the new movie, Fireproof? We went with another couple to see it on our anniversarry back in November and I loved it, went prepared with a hanky! I can't wait till it comes out on DVD so I can add it to my favorite collection!! Any other good movies you would suggest? :-)

Brad and Lisa said...

Love the picture, how sweet is that! And I'm sure the hair coloring will look wonderful...I always say, it's just hair, it will eventually grow out if you don't like it!

Kim Moldofsky said...

How funny! Happy new year!

crazy4chai said...

This is one of the Cutest and Best Pics that I have seen.....You should enter that one into some kind of photo contest!!!! You have such a beautiful family!!! You are soooo blessed!