Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Green eyed monster!

Hi all! We are home today because the green eyed monster has come to visit!

On Thursdays we are usually sailing around town for piano lessons, library and of course a quick browse through the Salvation Army!! But today poor Wild Man can hardly see through his swollen eyes with all the green snot oozing out. LOL! Baby J isn't feeling up to his usual smiley self either, his green snot is mainly in his nose though! Ha! The rest of the kiddos are in different stages of allergy attacks from the wonderful weather that can't make up it's mind to be 50* or 20*. Instead it is jumping all over the thermometer driving our heads crazy!! The only person feeling fine here is Dad, but his turn to battle allergies is coming 'round this spring and summer!

So, I have given everyone their doses of Garlic oil (antibiotic) and Sambucol (elderberry syrup for and expectorant) and a few extra Vit. C's and things are turning from green to clear! We should be back up and running in no time!!

In the mean time I am taking this day to finish reorganizing the school room. My wonderful husband Michael, who reminds me often that he is a welder by trade, NOT a carpenter!, has finally placed my new book shelves on the wall. I am SO excited!! It's amazing what 3 boards and some shelf brackets can do to uplift your spirits!! LOL! I have a ton of books. Books of all kinds! I can now place them all (or at least most of them) on my new shelves and throw away all the boxes!!! Books are keys and I have collected them for years, mainly from garage sales and thrift stores and the kids and I can now browse our "library" for adventures. I also found that I have 5 copies of Black Beauty, 4 of Tom Sawyer, 2 of Charlotte's Web, 5 of Box Car Children Vol. 1, 6 To Train up a Child books, and.... :-) Oh, well! I'm sure we will put them all to use! The funny thing was once the new shelves were up Michael thought that the other shelves in the room that are holding all the school books assorted by grade were going somewhere else!! I laughed and told him that there was no room for school books on the new shelves, he had to go look to believe me! But they are full!!! and getting fuller by the day! Poor Hubby, he melted while I was talking about more shelves on the other wall! hehehehehehe!
Photo of Wild Man giving Baby J a ride on the Christmas horse!

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