Tuesday, January 20, 2009

How much wood can a woodchuck chuck.....

It's been really cold the last few days. When it is cold we go through a ton of wood to keep the house warm!! Some days I really wish I could just turn the thermostat up and be done with it, but then I talk to a few friends and they start complaining about the electric bill or the gas bill and I'm very thankful for the wood heat!! At least it warms ya twice! Once when ya cut and haul it in and then when ya burn it! LOL! Thankfully though, knock on wood :-D, we haven't had an ice storm this winter. Not a bad one that knocked out power anyway. The kiddos kinda wish something would happen so we could all snuggle in for a few days, but Daddy has four wheel drive. It would take an Alaskan blizzard to keep him home because of snow, and if someone called and needed him he would find a way!! I do wish the kids could have at least one good snowman snow this year, maybe it could snow on all the yards but not the roads? Just a thought!! But, since the weather man is saying that we are going from 3o* something to 50* something in the next day or so, I guess we'll have to wait on that snow!! :-)

Guess we'll just have to make our own fun till the snow comes!! We love taking mini vacations and recently we ran to town and rented a room at the local hotel with an indoor swimming pool!! We had a great evening, the kiddos absolutely LOVE to swim!!! The room had a small microwave and fridge, so we brought lots of small potatoes and toppings for a baked potato dinner. Although Michael did run across the parking lot and grabbed some snacks for me and him from Arby's, SHHH! Don't tell the kids!

Happy winter! Stay warm! or Cool!!
Photos: Dad and the kids cleaned up a fallen tree in last year's ice storm, right out our front door! The kiddos helping hold the trailer down while we cut wood. Some swimming pictures from our mini vacation, "Sink or swim, Dad!".

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