Saturday, February 28, 2009

Are you a King, a Queen or just a Full?

Several years ago I somehow learned the neat trick, that putting two twin size mattresses together would make a king size bed. Being in the Missouri "show me" state I naturally had to check this out and put some together, measure and see for myself that this indeed worked and it did. A person always thinks the grass is greener on the other side and I have for years looked with green slimy envy on anyone who was lucky enough to have a wonderfully huge king size bed, not to mention the gigantic room needed for such a wonderful bed!!! Several years ago we measured our master bedroom and came to the conclusion that a queen bed with a small wardrobe cabinet on each side would be all our room would hold. Although some nights with my head buried under a mountain of pillows for a sound barrier while fighting for blankets I would think "WHY didn't we get queen size WARDROBE cabinet with a TWIN size bed on each side!!" LOL!

Well, several weeks ago I thought I had it made. I decided that our bedroom wasn't ever going to be dry walled and finished as long as we were still in there. So I took it upon myself to help encourage my wonderful husband to finish our room by moving all our stuff upstairs to one of the kids' small rooms. The only problem was there was no way to get our bed up the stairs, SOOOOO I grabbed a few extra twin beds we had around and shoved them together and topped them off with a king size sheet. Tada!!! A king size bed!!! In a small room! Who needs wardrobe cabinets anyway!! :-)

Weeeellll, there was one thing about this neat trick that I had failed to remember. The twin mattresses needed for this were the standard flat ones, and a thick king size padded bed cover was a major part of making the bed comfortable. So, you know where this is leading! We have the rounded edged puffy topped mattresses that formed a grand canyon when pushed together and did NOT make one comfortable large bed for "us" but made a "his and her" bed instead. He slept on his side and I slept on mine, the only plus to this situation was that we each had our own blankets! Ha! Somehow though, those where the coldest nights!!

Well, once again we have flip flopped rooms and are now sleeping on our "wonderful" queen size mattresses, topped with my favorite soft green sheets. So now when I feel a chill I just roll over and snuggle up to Michael. I mean, I might as well since we are going to be fighting over the blankets anyway!! :-)

I want to say thank you to so many of you for thinking and praying for us during this time of waiting to see what would happen with Michael's job. Well, the news is...he has accepted the job offer to move with the Cargill Corp. and we are now launching into a full blown mission of dragging our junk to Kansas! He is very happy with the new position and is looking forward to the new job, we are all excited for such a new adventure. A touch of sadness lurks around us as we know we are leaving a huge group of great family, friends and neighbors. We have a ton of things to do before everything is final such as finishing the house, getting it sold, packing, moving, finding a new home large enough for our crew and getting settled is just few! :-) We have lived here since the day we were married and I'm up to my nose in junk!! I can't believe we have SO much stuff!! LOL! Well, tomorrow is another big packing day so I'm headed to bed! :-) Goodnight ya'll!!!
Photo of Baby J, sleeping on our bed when he was just a couple days old. ;-)


Brad and Lisa said...

Wow, you are moving! Praise God for a job and I will be praying for an easy transition for y'all.

9ndhouse- Katie said...

Thanks ya'll! We are very thankful that Michael has this job opportunity. We are looking forward to what the Lord had in store for us! Hope Mia is doing well, she is in our prayers! :-)