Tuesday, February 3, 2009

He prayed...and he got it! :-)

....Just don't blame me!!! :-)

"MOM! It's SNOW'N", Wild Man yelled from the front door as Bubba walked in with wood for the stove. He jumped up and stood for what seemed an hour at the door watching the wonderful white fluff float down. Soon the flakes began to get smaller and were coming down faster and faster making the land seem foggy in the fading sunset. Daddy's truck lights turning down the drive broke the moment and as the other kiddo's crowded the window trying to catch a glimpse of Dad and waving with all their might, Wild Man made his way over to me in the dining room with the biggest grin and day dreamy eyes of blue still sparkling with excitement. "MOoooom!, I prayed to God for this snow!", He giggled softly in awe of the moment, "It's go'n to be a BIG one!". I smiled and glanced out the window, unsure if I should explain that we haven't had a "big" snow in awhile and that the weather man had only predicted ice and sleet. My heart ached for any disappointment he might feel if this wasn't his "snow man" snow after all, "We might not get very much snow, maybe only ice. That would be ok, wouldn't it?", I answered him hesitantly. Confidence lit up in his eyes, a smile even bigger than before graced his face and he jumped up and down, "Nope, it's go'n be a big one!", he sang joyfully then with a sudden flash he was off to tell Dad the good news! I stepped over to the window and watched the snow fall as if through the eyes of a 4 yr old boy, "Thank you, thank you Father! For the faith of a child and for all the smiles you bring to our family!", I softly whispered to the Maker of the Snow.
Photo of one of the little snow...people the kiddos made. :-)
I do want to say that my heart and prayers go out to the many people who lost loved ones, were injured or lost power during last weeks ice and snow storm.

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