Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Never Fear! We're Still here!!!..or is that there!!???

Hey All!!! We've have had a very busy time the last few months. I've mentioned before that Cargill, the company that my husband works for has shut down the local plant and relocated us to South Central Kansas. So far everything has been going great and the Lord has truly blessed us and watched out for us. Michael is loving his new job and is enjoying the training period he has while working side by side with the people he has some to supervise. He has teased several times about "learning to do their jobs so he can tell them how to do their jobs!" :-) He says he has a lot to learn and is really enjoying the challenge. Pray the Lord gives him the wisdom he needs to be a good leader!

So far we have found a large farm house to rent as temporary housing and will be here until the end of May. We are looking for a house closer to the church we have found and are excited to see where the Lord plants us this time. Moving over and over hasn't the greatest appeal but soon this will all be long over and we'll look back and laugh. Especially since I once told a cousin of mine who had had the "privilege" of moving several times that I envied her being able to redecorate and paint a new home, it sounded like sooo much fun to have a fresh canvas to work with. Thinking of course at the time we would never move and I would live and die at the old farm house! Well, never is a long time and here we are!! After we find a house to rent while we wait till our farm sells back in Missouri, then find a piece of land to buy and build a new home later, I'll have had the "privilege" to move at least 3 times in about a year!! I just love God's sense of humor!

Well, our Internet is rather sporadic and I am looking forward to the future when I will be back blogging full time! I have a ton of facebook and bloggy pals to catch up on!! :0)

Photos of the kiddos at the zoo, it was a very fun and exciting day!


Evenspor said...

Sounds like lots of exciting adventures. The advantage to moviing so often is that at least you don't get around to unpacking everything before it's time to pack up and move again. ;)

Good luck.

9ndhouse- Katie said...

Hey! Good point!!! I knew there was an upside to this! :-)


momma's heart said...

Enjoyed your post! Praying for you. I've never been through Kansas. How does it compare in terms of beauty to MO?

9ndhouse- Katie said...

Well, This area reminds me a little of the North Mo areas, farm land that is more flat, less trees and goes on and on with fields of corn and wheat. The prairie hills areas are georgeous, I've never seen so far away from one spot! Gives me a great visual for my Laura Ingalls books, I can see how easy it would be to loose one's way in the tall grass and rolling hills. They call them the Flint Hills and they are very pretty. BUT, my heart is still longing for the Ozark country where the trees and timbers smell of wood smoke and the far away buzz of someone's chain saw tickles your ear as the cardinals swoop in for a bit of lost grain by the feed bin during the winter. Where the lush green is everywhere thick with oaks and pines decorated with orange flowering trumpet vines, wild irises and day lillies wave from the ditches of the country road, and you wave at all passing vehicles since everyone's your neighbor!
So I guess there isn't an easy answer. God made it all and it is all beautful in it's own right. I miss Mo. but we are looking forward to exploring and unlocking secrets about this rolling somewhat treeless place. :-)

Thanks soo much for the prayers! It is amazing to know there are people all over that have prayed for us. What a blessing!! One day it will be exciting to meet face to face! :-D