Monday, May 4, 2009

Listen up please!! Ya hear me!!??

I love my husband more than I can type! I really do!!! .....Can you hear the "but..." coming?

But!...I wish he would listen to me when I say something!!!! AND, quit telling me how whatever I said isn't really the way I want it or whatever!!! Anyone with me on this!!

Since we have been making so many trips back and forth from the farm to Kansas we have had lots of interesting conversations. Many of them have been about our new life here in tornado town. I'll talk about the house we might build one day and how I would like the roof to go this way or that way and come down into a cute little porch, only to get a 15 minute detailed explanation how I wouldn't want the porch that way because of the....I can't remember why...I tuned that part out, sorry. Now, many of you know my WONDERFUL husband, and how many of you can remember a DETAILED anything from him!! LOL!! Truth is he doesn't say a whole lot, not that he is shy or anything. Just figures people will figure things out on their own and if they want his opinion they'll ask. Well, I didn't ask him about the cute porch, pout, I was just dreaming of a real home all of our own again.

Ever had that " I never get what I want" moment? Mine usually comes at the WRONG time, Like after he stopped at a garage sale (after pulling the trailer all the way around the block so he could park!) and then getting me a soda on the way home! So REALLY I have NOTHING to complain about. :-) He really is wonderful!

I guess the real kicker is what happened the other day. While on the way to town, I was doing my usual dreaming about this and that and he was doing his usual correcting. We decided to grab a quick breakfast at a local cafe and as we pulled into the parking lot and walked to the door I very sweetly told him he didn't have to correct EVERYTHING I said! He smiled that cute slow smile, kissed me on the forehead and said "Yeah, I do." !!! AND!, would you believe just a few minutes later.... after glancing at the menu, I told the waitress I wanted the Mexican omelet, all the ingredients except with green peppers instead of hot peppers. She then... tossed Michael a "let me help her" look... squatted down so as to be on "my" level...and said with a sloow so you can understand me voice, "Weell, Huneee, we'll just get you the garden omelet then! Since it has the same ingredients and green peppers instead!" :-) SIGH! I looked into her very close, blue eyes and said......." Soooooo, ham is the same as sausage then? 'Cause I chose the mexican for the sausage and vegetables over the garden with ham and vegetables." ( I WAS nice!!!) She quickly stood up, wrote down the order and tossed a "Got it!" over her shoulder as she disappeared through swinging doors!

I looked at Michael and said, "SEE! I never get what I want without someone trying to tell me I want something else!!" LOL!!

The omelet was delicious by the way! and now that I have that "funny probably only to me" story off my chest I'm headed to bed!! Someone is going to want HIS omelet early!!! :-D


Evenspor said...

I hate that. Men have a hard time fiureing out when to just listen and nod and when to give input. :p I would have been pretty annoyed with a waitress like that too!

9ndhouse- Katie said...

:-) Glad you agree! LOL!

Andrea Frazer - Pass the Zoloft said...

You are not alone. There's a woman you must read - Gretchen.

SEems like you're not alone in this listen up please department. Missed you!

9ndhouse- Katie said...

Thanks, I look forward to reading this!
Missed you too! :-)

9ndhouse- Katie said...

Oh! Thanks so much, Andrea! I'm going to love reading Gretchen's blog! SO many blogs! SO little time! LOL! ....maybe if I let the horses out...the kids will have to go catch them....and I get more computer time!! (just kidding! :-D)