Friday, June 22, 2012

Clean Your Room!!!

Now, you probably think this is what I was saying to one or more of my many adorable sweet children. But, in fact today it is the other way around!!! Since we have come back from a recent trip our clothes just seem to pile up on the suitcase which is still on the dresser. Other "stuff" just seems to be stacking up around me!!! "It isn't that bad kids!! WHAT!, You want me to clean it ALL up! All of it! BUT, it isn't all mine!! Do I have to do it right now? Clean rooms before swimming shouldn't include my room too! BUT, but!" (I just found my computer!, which is why I decided I need to take and break and blog about how unfair it is that I have to clean up my room!) "I mean, I share this room! Shouldn't Daddy be here to clean up his half of the mess!! Can't I just put some tape down the center of the room and throw all his things over on his side for him to deal with later!!!??? And, I didn't leave this plate and glass here on the floor to grow penicillin so why should I have to be the one to wash it and make sure it's safe for future use!! I didn't get out the salve, peroxide and band aids!!! Why do I have to sweep up all this dirt, the mud caked boots that caused this mess certainly don't fit me!! Why me, it's not fair, But Kids!!!!!"

By now, YOU think I have lost my mind, but my kids are all standing behind me reading what I'm typing and laughing their adorable heads off. :-) I asked them if any of this sounds familiar? I think we have all agreed that all this complaining coming from me about cleaning my room and Daddy's "side" of the room sounds very silly. LOL I think I have proved my point and will now go back to cleaning my room with a smile! Oh, I've been looking for that...............

BTW, Happy Birthday Daddy!!!

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