Friday, June 22, 2012

Lovely Lunch Topics

Most of the time while my children are finishing lunch I am somewhere nearby getting a jump start on cleaning something, like, the dishes. LOL But today, since I was soo exhausted from cleaning my room (thanks for the help with that kiddos!) that I sat down in the living room enjoying my tea and watching out the window thinking far away thoughts....then I began to clue into the conversation from the dining room which I could see from my chair. All but my oldest where sitting around the table, Big Sis was absorbed in her latest book but the rest where deep in an amazing discovery. A great discussion about how our nose connects to our mouth. My 8 yr old, Wild man was explaining that indeed they do connect because Daddy had showed him. Miss Priss (6 yrs) was just amazed and totally hooked onto his every word, she asked "HOW did he SHOW you?"  "WEelll," Wild Man began, " I told Daddy that there was no way my nose and mouth could be together then you know what he did?" At this point even Little J (5), who had been listening but still more interested in his food stopped to listen with noodle hung mid-air and leaned slightly toward his brother to hear better. Following this dramatic pause Wild Man continued "He leaned my head back like this, and then he poured salt water stuff in this hole in my nose!" (It was actually just a few drops of saline nose drops, but hey, it sounded good! ;-) lol )  "Where did it go?" Miss Priss wanted to know. "IN my Mouth!!! Wild Man exclaimed proudly while enjoying center stage. "I knew that!!" Little J yells as he continues to gobble up his noodles, "I knew that!, Daddy tells it to me too!"  Now, Butterfly girl and Naynay had been giggling at Wild Man this whole time. "So, now you know that your mouth is connected to your mouth right?" Butterfly girls asked. Wild Man responded with a big nod of his head because by now his mouth is full of noodles too! NayNay began telling them that she found out this amazing discovery the first time her soda had come out her nose while she was holding her hand over her mouth (why, I have no idea lol) Everyone paused to take a bite and enjoy being the smart kiddos that we are always telling them they are. Then, Wild Man asks with a mouth full of noodles, "So, If this hole in my nose goes down to my mouth.....then does this one go up to my brain?" lol 

Sigh, gotta luv 'em :-D

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Dixie said...

That's hilarious. I love how you have "code names" for all of them too. Cute!