Monday, June 11, 2012

Where does time go?

Wow!! Has it really been that long since I have posted?!!! It seems like just a few months ago we moved back home to the farm!! This past year and a half has gone by so quick, I just don't know where the time flies off to.  I recently heard a great sermon that mentioned time and how we use it. It really got me to thinking about how often I say "I don't have time for..."  or "I didn't have time today to...." and thinking back over my day I wonder sometimes just how good of a steward I am of my time. How much time do I waste that I can never regain. Someone recently mentioned that the military seemed to have a "Hurry so you can Wait" theme going on. I wouldn't know about the military but I know it often seems true for me! lol After discussing the topic with Michael I have written a few memos for myself to remember throughout the day,  a few things for me to take the time to do, things that seem to very important to those around me in our home. 1. Take time to SMILE  2. Take time to Listen  3. Take time to give full thoughts, answers and instructions 4. Take time to be Thankful. I'm sure there are many many other things to list as well but these were the things that seemed to be on the top of everyone's mind so we decided to work on these first! :-)  Can you imagine having to remind yourself to smile!! LOL It's cute when Michael says "I like it when you smile, you're pretty when you smile"! haha  It seems that we all have been a little sticky note happy lately with all the smiley faces plastered all over the house, my OCD is working overtime!! haha, but smiling brings laughter and laughter brings out the Joy Unspeakable and who can can complain about that!!! :-D

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